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Claim free DigitalNote XDN from our faucet twice every hour with no minimum payout limits. Claims are paid once a week regardless of your account total.

   • 1 claim per hour - No Mining Required.
   • 1 additional claim per hour - Mining Required.


Site News

March 18th:
All pending payments for this week have been processed. You can view the transaction details on your account page.

March 17th:
To celebrate our website hitting a new user milestone this week we've permanently boosted our reward levels by 10%. Each time we reach our internal milestones we'll boost the reward levels even higher, so tell your friends to sign up and start claiming their DigitalNote XDN from the faucet! The more users we have, the higher we can push the rewards!

Double Reward Day starts in
0 days 3 hours 3 minutes 39 seconds

XDN Wallet

Check your address carefully!
Payments to incorrect addresses cannot be recovered.
Do not use an exchange address that requires a Payment ID.

CPU Mining  

Mining will only occur during claim process.

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Get your XDN wallet
Before you can claim your free XDN from our faucet, you'll need somewhere to store them when the time comes to withdraw. Freewallet make an excellent app for iPhone and Android. Get it here: iPhone and Android.

Mine your own XDN
Our faucet not filling your wallet fast enough? You can mine your own XDN using only a computer or smartphone. has a suite of easy to use desktop and android apps you can use to put your devices to work earning XDN while you're not using them.

Donate to support the faucet
Help keep the faucet full! If you can help out we'll gladly accept donations to disperse to our users.

Donate XDN
Donate XMR
Donate Mining
Donate XDN Donate Monero Donate By Mining
Donate by Mining

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CPU MiningProcessing Time*
Variable Reward60 Seconds +/-
* Time is an estimate based on average user results.
* Actual time to process may vary.

CPU Usage Information
When using the CPU mining option you're also helping refill the faucet. When mining is activated, a portion of your CPU time is used to mine new coins each time you click the "Claim Your Free XDN" button. There's no need to worry. We handle all the hard stuff automatically. All you need to do is to click the "Claim your free XDN" button to get started.

Inactive / Incorrect Accounts Policy
You must claim at least every fourteen days to keep your account active. This helps keep our XDN payouts as high as possible by removing users that no longer use our faucet. Incorrect accounts (XDN wallets that aren't valid) will be removed automatically.

Misuse / Abuse Policy
Any accounts found to be misusing this service (for example cheating, exploiting, hacking, etc) will have all claims voided and their account removed.

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