We're On Break!

Hi DigitalNote fans! Just to let you know this faucet will be closed for a while as time commitments elsewhere have left me without enough time to give this the attention it deserves. All pending balances have been paid out before we turned off the faucet so everyone is up to date.

Don’t worry though, FreeXDN will return again in the future so keep an eye on Twitter or Facebook for a return announcement, or drop by the official DigitalNote Discord where you’ll catch me and other DigitalNote fans. I’m there  most days – just look for Snorting Rum in the mods area!

The Daily Doubler

You can use the Daily Doubler twice per day. Find the Daily Doubler, click it, and the code will display in the claims area. With the Daily Doubler code, your next amount will be doubled automatically!

Lucky Numbers

A random number generated during your visit determines how much XDN you’ll get when you request it. XDN is adjusted automatically based on the current US$ value of DigitalNote. Rates are currently set at: