We're Back!

After quite an absence we’re happy to announce the FreeXDN DigitalNote faucet is back online! Before you claim make sure you have the most recent wallet release and create a new DigitalNote wallet address.

As the blockchain and much of the technology behind DigitalNote has changed you will need to create a new address as we cannot transfer payments to the old chain. Unsure where to start? Join the official DigitalNote Discord which can help answer all your questions.

The Daily Doubler

You can use the Daily Doubler twice per day. Find the Daily Doubler, click it, and the code will display in the claims area. With the Daily Doubler code, your next amount will be doubled automatically!

Sign Up / Sign In

Make sure you are using the NEW wallet address format.
Example: dNhee5Dp4zzGoiiToeEj13HZA8Ak9r7H3r.
We cannot pay to old addresses!

Sign In using your DigitalNote XDN wallet address. If this is you're first time visting us an account will be created for you automatically, otherwise your account is already waiting for you.

Lucky Numbers

A random number generated during your visit determines how much XDN you’ll get when you request it. XDN is adjusted automatically based on the current US$ value of DigitalNote. Rates are currently set at:

 Lucky Number   You Get  
0001 - 3500 0.075 XDN
3501 - 9500 0.1 XDN
9501 - 9850 0.25 XDN
9851 - 9950 1.25 XDN
9951 - 9999 2.5 XDN
10000250 XDN