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FreeXDN - Giving Out Free DigitalNote XDN and Cryptocurrency News
Cryptocurrency News and Free DigitalNote XDN

Why Centive believes it’s the next big thing Singapore : Today, Centive Technologies Corporation announces its plans to reshape the incentive industry. Centive will be introducing a cutting edge platform to be used both by businesses and consumers. Centive’s easy to use platform is powered by blockchain and will bring together value creators; who will benefit

Centive Aims to Reshape the Incentive Industry

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Melbourne based blockchain technology start-up company, OctoWallet are extremely excited to announce Australia’s first innovative ‘on the go’ hardware wallet. The OctoWallet Silo is designed to protect your crypto assets and send transactions securely via a mobile application. The OctoWallet contains highly intensive sustainable security, including tamper-proof mechanism, true random number generator and advanced MCU.

OctoWallet: A Versatile Storage Solution For Crypto

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'The future is now' the world’s most advanced platform yet; myCryptoWallet launches the next generation of unrivalled features in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Quickly becoming a world leader in blockchain commerce solutions and allowing users more access than ever before, they offer multi currency deposit/withdrawal enabled wallet service that is available in all unsanctioned countries, combined with a live marketplace, crypto-tracking portfolio and instant exchange, conglomerating all three components onto one platform.

Revolutionizing the Digital Currency Sphere

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We are pleased to announce the start of the sale of GaxCoin. The launch of our Initial Coin Offering is scheduled for 11 August 2018; a fundamental date for all those who wish to contribute to our Startup Blockchain project, to the creation of the Platform and its innovative and completely autonomous Ecosystem, which continues to be developed and which has its cardinal points in stability, simplicity and reliability.

Gaxcoin ICO Date Announced

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In a conference attended by key investors and media, ODIN CEO Kazuki Hayashi announced the release of a key project software component – the ODIN wallet.

“Amazon for Blockchain” Project Releases Key Software

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Since its launch on the 3th of August, 2018, the CryTrEx.com decentralized crypto exchange has been a very effective platform for secure and effortless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.

CryTrEx.com Platform Taking the Cryptocurrency Exchange Market By Storm

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OneHash, the fastest-growing mutual betting platform has released its new gaming products – Moon and Goals, which allow players to engage and win bitcoins in ways that the industry has yet to see.

Fly to the Moon and Score Goals With Bitcoins

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What is XDN?

DigitalNote is a decentralized digital currency known as XDN across trading platforms. It utilizes the CryptoNote technology that enables its users to send private messages and make payments anonymously. It makes use of a unique untraceable messaging system that helps users send private messages.

The same technology also enables DigitalNote to provide blockchain based deposits. DigitalNote is not owned or controlled by anyone. However, it operates with no centralization as it takes advantage of peer to peer network technology while incorporating ASIC resistant mining that creates a fair mining process for everyone.

DigitalNote also provides instant global privacy secured transactions. Additionally, the network offers encrypted communication through untraceable messages that come with extremely low processing fees in a decentralized network. The network is secured by mathematics and grants users the capability to have complete command over their financial and personal information. The network uses the user’s bank account as the private key which enables the user to enjoy freedom with no surveillance or censorship. DigitalNote came into existence on May 30th, 2014. It was previously known as DuckNote. However, the developers changed the name to DarkNote in September 2014 to enable the cryptocurrency to go to the next level and provide its new features.

The unique, anonymous crypto-messaging system offered by DigitalNote allows instantaneously encrypted messaging between users on the same peer to peer platform. The blockchain platform supporting DigitalNote is blockchain analysis resistant and therefore all messages and transactions cannot be linked back to the user.

With DigitalNote, freedom and privacy exist.

DigitialNote XDN Features

Truly Anonymous

Untraceable truly anonymous DigitalNote transactions and encrypted information transfers in decentralized p2p network.

Instant Encrypted Messages

DigitalNote provides an instant secure, untraceable and unlinkable way of encrypted communication - crypto messages.

Blockchain Deposits

DigitalNotes can be locked on deposit account for some time with 0.5-1% annual interest rate. Deposit is a factor of main supply.

Blockchain Analysis Resistant

DigitalNote blockchain is resistant to any kind of analysis. All you XDN transactions and messages transfers are unlinkable.

Fair and Decentralized

DigitalNote uses decentralized peer-to-peer network technology to operate with no central authority. Your XDN Wallet is your own private bank.

Get your DigitalNote XDN wallet

Before you can claim your free XDN from us you'll need a wallet address to claim with. The safest wallet is one you have complete control over such as on your PC. You can download the latest releases from the DigitalNote.biz website or direct from the developers:

Always Encrypt and Backup Your Wallet!

Always set a password on your wallet so if your computer is accessed without your consent your wallet cannot be opened and your DigitalNote stolen.
Make a copy of your private key and keep it off-line and stored safely. To do this:
  • When you have the GUI wallet open, click the "Receive" button.
  • Click the "Show Private Keys" button.
  • Enter your password to unlock (if you don't have a password, go set one now!)
  • Copy (for example: screen-shot) the QR code and print off a few copies. Keep them isolated and hidden!
  • Click the "Hide Private Keys" button.
If your computer is ever lost, destroyed, or otherwise broken you'll be able to restore your wallet and balance with this key. Do not lose it!

A Note on Freewallet

Freewallet make an XDN wallet app for iPhone and Android if you don't want or have access to a computer.
Note: We have had reports of transactions sent to Freewallet address going missing.
As at July 10 Freewallet have DigitalNote in "Maintenance" mode because they are lagging behind after the Hard Fork at the end of June. Assurances have been made that missing transactions will appear once they're out of maintenance.

Get it here: iPhone and Android.


Get More DigitialNote XDN

Mine your own XDN

You can get DigitalNote by mining. Mining is a process of new XDN units generation. You will receive some of newly generated DigitalNotes as a reward for securing XDN network with CPU/GPU power. Merged Mining Pools let you mine two coins at the same time, earning your even more crypto for the exact same effort as mining DigitalNote by itself. You'll get the same amount of DigitalNote with the added bonus of a second crypto! Mining Pools:

Depositing XDN for interest

Another way to get DigitalNote is deposit. Every XDN user can deposit their DigitalNotes with interest rate ~ 1% annually with "locking" their XDN for a period from 1 month to 10 years. Use the "Staking" option in the DigitalNote GUI wallet to stake your coins and earn interest. The longer you stake, the higher the interest rate!

Staked coins are always safe on the blockchain. Even if DigitalNote forks to a new algorithm, your coins will always be available to withdraw once the staking period is up.

Coin Exchanges

If you have other cryptocurrencies you can always exchange them for XDN at a number of coin exchanges such as
, Bittrex, Upbit,
and our preferred exchange Altex. FreeXDN.com prefers to use Altex.exchange as we find it's is a great site that's easy to use with low fees. We've used many times to exchange crypto and buy DigitalNote.

2018-08-01 - Read our update on Altex.Exchange.

HitBTC also continues to have XDN off-line as they have not yet updated to the current fork.

The Daily Doubler Button

The Daily Doubler button can be used twice per day per account. The time remaining until you can use it again is displayed near the "Claim Your Free XDN" button.
Daily Doubler Button! Click Me to Double Your Reward!

How to Use

Simple! When the Daily Doubler appears, click it to enter the code in the claims area and your next amount will be doubled automatically - That's all there is to it!
The Golden 4 x Daily Doubler Button! Click Me to Quadruple Your Reward! - SAMPLE ONLY!

The Golden DigitalNote - 4 x Booster!

One out of every 100 Daily Doubler buttons displayed is the lucky Golden DigitalNote coin. This doubles the Daily Doubler which means your next amount will be quadrupled!

Good luck!

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