CryptantCrab Brings Transformative Gameplay To The Blockchain

The blockchain-based CryptantCrab, developed by award winning game developer iCandy Interactive, parades new features that advances the worth of virtual crabs. These functions enhance the true market value and battle potential of these crabs. From January 8, early adopters and neophytes to CryptantCrab can begin customizing and trading their crabs.

With these features, players can now customize their crabs. First up is the more commonly known Mutation. It  helps in transforming crab parts with a risk/reward system that alters the looks and stats. As for Xenograft, it transplants specific parts from other crabs. This hyper-customizable mode is perfect for completing crab sets or mixing up parts to create a truly ferocious fighter.

Although both can incrementally raise the crab’s market value, Xenograft entertains the demand for specific CryptantCrabs. Mainly full-sets and the sort that comes in perfect fighting combinations.

Enhancing the Trade

As one of the world’s leading digital entertainment company, iCandy Interactive aims to generate additional value by using CryptantCrab. Trading in the marketplace includes much more than just collecting these digital crustaceans. There are also Fossils, the form that crabs take on after their parts are grafted away.  

These Fossils, also the rarer Relic Fossils, are valuable assets that can be traded in the Marketplace. These fossilised crabs also deliver a new purpose beyond trading. Their souls within provide improvements once paired with the hard-shelled fighters. The players demanding for specific Crabs, Fossils, and Relic Fossils will eventually create active discussions within the community. This will quickly establish and reinforce an active and vibrant ecosystem.


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Massive Battle, Top Notch Prizing

Customization and trading among players will help boost the crabs’ market value. Beyond the respective improvements enhancing the crabs’ market value,  it also prepares them for more exciting features that are coming online the future. One of the more critical modes is the Pool Arena tournaments, a feature that offers big Ethereum prize-pools to those who fight their way to the top.

CryptantCrab’s main aim is to provide a relatable and immersive blockchain experience to its players. It accomplishes this task by introducing new and innovative twists to blockchain games.

Final Thoughts

These innovative gameplay features further push the boundaries within the World of CryptantCrab. Beyond widening the gameplay experience and asset value, it also wants to drives the blockchain games ecosystem forward.

For more details you can head on over to CryptantCrab.