Is MinerGate FINALLY doing something about being on the wrong XDN chain?

Is MinerGate FINALLY doing something about being on the wrong XDN chain?

Months after the DigitalNote hardfork which MinerGate chose not to do anything about, the moment the DigitalNote community has been waiting for has arrived. MinerGate will finally need to acknowledge the situation and do something.

As discovered about about two months ago there was a bug in the original DigitalNote code which meant that at block 704,000 the rewards reset back to 320,000 XDN per block (rather than the 150 it’s supposed to be). It was quickly fixed by the DigitalNote developers and that was that.

But MinerGate chose not to fork back in April. Instead, they allowed their users to mine for over six months on an out-of-date chain. Recently they hit block 704,000 on the old chain and the same bug that had been corrected kicked in.

If they had moved to the new fork back in April, this could have been avoided. 

MinerGate have since posted an alert saying they’ve disabled XDN mining, however their pool stats still show connections.

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So what does this mean?

Hopefully, this is the start of MinerGate finally realising they need to update their code and move to correct fork. Given the note on their website:

DigitalNote is under maintenance on MinerGate. XDN mining and transfers are currently unavailable and XDN balance may display incorrect information. We are working hard to get things up and running.

This looks more probable by the day. How they explain to their users that for over 6 months now all the XDN they’ve mined is useless remains to be seen. 

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