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Why Centive believes it’s the next big thing Singapore : Today, Centive Technologies Corporation announces its plans to reshape the incentive industry. Centive will be introducing a cutting edge platform to be used both by businesses and consumers. Centive’s easy to use platform is powered by blockchain and will bring together value creators; who will benefit

Centive Aims to Reshape the Incentive Industry

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Melbourne based blockchain technology start-up company, OctoWallet are extremely excited to announce Australia’s first innovative ‘on the go’ hardware wallet. The OctoWallet Silo is designed to protect your crypto assets and send transactions securely via a mobile application. The OctoWallet contains highly intensive sustainable security, including tamper-proof mechanism, true random number generator and advanced MCU.

OctoWallet: A Versatile Storage Solution For Crypto

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'The future is now' the world’s most advanced platform yet; myCryptoWallet launches the next generation of unrivalled features in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Quickly becoming a world leader in blockchain commerce solutions and allowing users more access than ever before, they offer multi currency deposit/withdrawal enabled wallet service that is available in all unsanctioned countries, combined with a live marketplace, crypto-tracking portfolio and instant exchange, conglomerating all three components onto one platform.

Revolutionizing the Digital Currency Sphere

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We are pleased to announce the start of the sale of GaxCoin. The launch of our Initial Coin Offering is scheduled for 11 August 2018; a fundamental date for all those who wish to contribute to our Startup Blockchain project, to the creation of the Platform and its innovative and completely autonomous Ecosystem, which continues to be developed and which has its cardinal points in stability, simplicity and reliability.

Gaxcoin ICO Date Announced

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In a conference attended by key investors and media, ODIN CEO Kazuki Hayashi announced the release of a key project software component – the ODIN wallet.

“Amazon for Blockchain” Project Releases Key Software

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Since its launch on the 3th of August, 2018, the CryTrEx.com decentralized crypto exchange has been a very effective platform for secure and effortless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.

CryTrEx.com Platform Taking the Cryptocurrency Exchange Market By Storm

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OneHash, the fastest-growing mutual betting platform has released its new gaming products – Moon and Goals, which allow players to engage and win bitcoins in ways that the industry has yet to see.

Fly to the Moon and Score Goals With Bitcoins

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Skywire By Skycoin: Democratizing The Internet, Launches Testnet Servic
May 25th, 2018   

Skywire By Skycoin: Democratizing The Internet, Launches Testnet Servic

Today, anyone who has a bit of knowledge of the internet has heard of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol), which is the method of handling data packets on the internet. TCP is a speed-handling system by which data packet loss is controlled and IP is a routing handling system for data transmission. These two protocols are now more than 40 years old and in dire need of an overhaul.

The Power Of Skywire Mesh Networking
Skywire is a blockchain-based internet service that removes the aging centralized protocols used for today’s internet. This mesh network consists of thousands of nodes that connect to each other directly for forwarding and routing of internet traffic. This creates a spider web-like network or mesh that is more stable, secure and faster than the current world wide web. The Skywire mesh network functions very differently from the traditional TCP/IP system, creating a decentralized and better-distributed network.

Skywire deploys an updated protocol suitable for its network, called Multi-Protocol Label Switching. With MPLS, routes are predetermined and allow for scalability and high performance of data transfer across any medium. MPLS also enables powerful privacy functionality as each node on the network can only see the previous node and the next jump for the data packet. This is far more secure and private compared to IPV4 and IPV6 protocols, where anyone can view the origin and the destination of the data being sent.

Skywire Is Cheap Too
The Skywire network creates a new internet for the new world utilizing the latest generation of blockchain technology. An internet built by the people and for the people away from the centralized stronghold that legacy ISPs have on the world’s internet services. Currently, most people are forced to choose from only one or a limited number of internet service providers within their geographical area. This allows for exploitation when the ISPs can charge whatever they want and average users have no choice. Until now.

Blue Dividing Bar
Blue Dividing BarWith tens of thousands of nodes around the globe in the Skywire mesh network, users will have the choice to connect to any of their preferred nodes, paying only for the bandwidth they use, and being paid for the bandwidth they provide. This will drive down internet costs and put control back into the hands of the user. Users will become their own internet service providers, receiving payment for the services they provide, and paying only for the services they wish to use. Skywire is creating an internet that is significantly less expensive than anything being offered by traditional services.

Skywire Testnet Release
Skywire released its testnet services on 22nd May, 2018. This initial software will allow users to test the capabilities of a decentralized internet, giving a peek into what the Skywire ecosystem will be going forward.

During the testnet phase, Skyminers (the hardware telecom backbone of the Skywire mesh internet) with stable nodes and an uptime of at least 75% per month will be directly rewarded with Skycoins as a way of saying thank you for their participation from the Skywire team in this initial essential phase of building the new internet.

Self-built DIY miners from the community are also eligible to participate, subject to confirmation of application and will be approved on a first come, first served basis.

To learn more visit the Website: Skycoin.net

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OneHash, the fastest-growing mutual betting platform has released its new gaming products – Moon and Goals, which allow players to engage and win bitcoins in ways that the industry has yet to see.
Cornucopia, a blockchain startup providing crypto investors with access to pre-IPO shares of their favourite startups adds tZeros Joe Cammarata to their capable executive team.
Even though digital advertising surpassed even TV advertising in volume in 2016 and gaming has become the biggest entertainment market, there are still a lot of problems plaguing the industries. For example, a lot of the advertising budget is lost due to fraud, repetitive ad content or ad blocking.

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