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Quppy introduces multi-currency crypto-wallet with unique cross-platform applications. The Quppy wallet is a multi-language and multi-currency licensed crypto wallet that assures the most advanced security features.

Quppy: a Unique, Multi-Currency, Cross-Platform Crypto-Wallet

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The recently launched ‘BitcoinNews.com Daily Podcast’ provides easy access to the latest news on Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies across 11 platforms.

BitcoinNews.com Daily Podcast

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Introducing Authoreon's A-ID, the first digitally readable, optical label on the blockchain. The A-ID enables multiple applications that provide authentication, authorization, verification, and certification.

Authoreon launches the A-ID Code, the first machine-readable, optical label on the blockchain

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Gigecoin has created the gig economy platform using blockchain technology in order to handle the problems faced in the gig economy sector while also improving how the industry works. 

This platform is essentially an autonomous, decentralised staffing platform with its own crypto asset coin and terminal that has zero transaction fees and a capacity to immediately exchange coins to fiat.

The Gig Economy Platform by GigEcoin Makes it Easy

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A new August survey says the number of Australians currently holding virtual currency has nearly tripled since a similar study was carried out in January.

Number of Australians Holding Cryptocurrency Doubles

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First Block Capital Inc., a Canadian cryptocurrency and blockchain investment company, has announced that its bitcoin trust, FBC Bitcoin Trust, has achieved mutual fund status in Canada, allowing investors to place funds in registered accounts such as a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) or Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).

Bitcoin Mutual Fund Launches in Canada

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A new ruling from China’s Supreme People’s Court clarified how blockchain records pertain to court processes, ruling that blockchain records are considered as admissible evidence in court.

The new ruling regarding blockchain technology is particularly relevant for internet-based legal cases that can present difficulties regarding the accuracy of evidence and information presented to the court.

Chinese Government Accepts Blockchain Records as Evidence in Court

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“Yelp! Of Blockchain” Acquires $1.4M in Seed Investments
August 23rd, 2018   

“Yelp! Of Blockchain” Acquires $1.4M in Seed Investments

Review.Network, a blockchain-based startup that is focused on the enhancement of the review and market research sector, revealed today that it managed to successfully obtain $1.4 million (USD) from seed investors. The capital backing, which was also provided by private investors, will be allocated to paying the team and to the platform’s developmental process.

The “the Yelp! Of Blockchain,” as it is often referred to, currently has 100,000 beta users and it is backed up by a group of experienced individuals in areas such as tech, academia, and financing. The company also announced the official start date of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which is planned to begin on Sept. 1st, 2018.

“Worldwide, consumers often form opinions and make decisions — like where to eat, sleep, drink, play and even work — based on online reviews,” stated the CEO and Co-Founder of Review Network, Filip Karaicic.

He went on to point out the two most important issues which are currently plaguing the review industry today: efficacy and transparency. As reports and data have revealed, people are more inclined to giving reviews when they went through a negative experience with the service or product, meaning that an accurate representation is not given for all sides of the matter; and there are also many fake reviews.

Karaicic states that through the use of a distributed ledger and AI [artificial intelligence] technologies, they have developed a way to incentivize reviews and guarantee their accuracy.

“We also figured out a way to allow brands to tap into our validated reviewer base for market research. This funding, which we’re thrilled to announce, validates our approach and will help us develop this event even faster.”

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Blue Dividing BarAccording to the detailed whitepaper of Review Network, their platform was developed to improve the effectiveness and transparency in two simple implementations. The first one comprises a well-calculated token economics system which monetarily rewards and motivates the contributors that are beneficial to the community and penalizes those that are not.

The second implementation involves the platform’s decentralized community consensus system which enables the community to self-regulate. For instance, when a review is written, it then goes through a validation process conducted by selected community members (the selection is made either by reputation, by blind auction, at random or considering how much stake they own in the system).

Also, the network will serve as a convenient medium through which companies can directly connect with users that make reviews, thus securing the most honest and accurate market research.

The platform will be used in all types of industries (restaurant, hotels, etc.), and will be made available in Beta mode in Q4 of this year. When it will be in its Beta version stage, the platform will be accessible to its 100,000 Beta users.

The team behind Review Network is comprised of over 30 experienced and qualified staff members, which include names such as: Robert Golladay – former head of the European branch of IBM’s digital business automation business; Reinhard Fellmann, Ph.D. – former Morgan Stanley investment banker and London School of Economics and Political Science lecturer; and Ivan Bjelajac – a former GoDaddy Director (EU).

Currently, the company is in its presale stage, with the launching date of the ICO being set on Sept. 1st, 2018. There are ongoing discussions with many popular exchanges including OKEx, Huobi, Cryptopia, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex, Bibox, Bcex and hitBTC, to list the token on their platforms.

To learn more visit their website: review.network/

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A new ruling from China’s Supreme People’s Court clarified how blockchain records pertain to court processes, ruling that blockchain records are considered as admissible evidence in court.

The new ruling regarding blockchain technology is particularly relevant for internet-based legal cases that can present difficulties regarding the accuracy of evidence and information presented to the court.
Imagol is a blockchain-based decentralized P2P image marketplace which will enable photographers to get rid of photo piracy, copyright violation and most importantly enable them to enjoy a larger share of profits on the sale of their creations. The platform will facilitate easy monetization of photos and make the most of everyone’s creation by featuring them as micro-stock collection
XAYA, the ultimate blockchain gaming platform, has begun its long-awaited main sale. The sale is orchestrated through Liquid’s Market and will run for a maximum of five weeks.

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