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Quppy introduces multi-currency crypto-wallet with unique cross-platform applications. The Quppy wallet is a multi-language and multi-currency licensed crypto wallet that assures the most advanced security features.

Quppy: a Unique, Multi-Currency, Cross-Platform Crypto-Wallet

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The recently launched ‘BitcoinNews.com Daily Podcast’ provides easy access to the latest news on Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies across 11 platforms.

BitcoinNews.com Daily Podcast

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Introducing Authoreon's A-ID, the first digitally readable, optical label on the blockchain. The A-ID enables multiple applications that provide authentication, authorization, verification, and certification.

Authoreon launches the A-ID Code, the first machine-readable, optical label on the blockchain

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Gigecoin has created the gig economy platform using blockchain technology in order to handle the problems faced in the gig economy sector while also improving how the industry works. 

This platform is essentially an autonomous, decentralised staffing platform with its own crypto asset coin and terminal that has zero transaction fees and a capacity to immediately exchange coins to fiat.

The Gig Economy Platform by GigEcoin Makes it Easy

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A new August survey says the number of Australians currently holding virtual currency has nearly tripled since a similar study was carried out in January.

Number of Australians Holding Cryptocurrency Doubles

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First Block Capital Inc., a Canadian cryptocurrency and blockchain investment company, has announced that its bitcoin trust, FBC Bitcoin Trust, has achieved mutual fund status in Canada, allowing investors to place funds in registered accounts such as a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) or Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).

Bitcoin Mutual Fund Launches in Canada

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A new ruling from China’s Supreme People’s Court clarified how blockchain records pertain to court processes, ruling that blockchain records are considered as admissible evidence in court.

The new ruling regarding blockchain technology is particularly relevant for internet-based legal cases that can present difficulties regarding the accuracy of evidence and information presented to the court.

Chinese Government Accepts Blockchain Records as Evidence in Court

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Number of Australians Holding Cryptocurrency Doubles
September 11th, 2018   

Number of Australians Holding Cryptocurrency Doubles

Nations like Malta and Switzerland often dominate headlines when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Down under in Australia, virtual currencies are also booming as a number of entities and businesses across the country have shown a strong interest.

Queensland has been banking on crypto in order to bolster tourism. Queensland saw the Brisbane Airport become the first in the world to accept digital currency in May.

Exchange platform Cointree and billing platform Gobbill announced a partnership in late August that made it possible for all Australians to pay bills using virtual currency.

Now, a new survey from HiveEx suggests the number of crypto-holding Australians has jumped up significantly from the start of the year.

HiveEx surveyed 2,000 people in January and found that 5% of them owned cryptocurrency. Conducting the same survey in August revealed that the number jumped to 13.5%.

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Blue Dividing BarAccording to the study, half of those who were holding cryptocurrency did so as an investment, while 34% said they bought in due to the ‘fear of missing out.’

A new August survey says the number of Australians currently holding virtual currency has nearly tripled since the same study was carried out in January.

26% said they were using it to help save for retirement, and more than 33% remarked they were planning to use digital currencies to pay taxes.

The study also found that 80% of respondents would be fine with using virtual currency on a daily basis if it was as simple to use as the Australian Dollar.

Some remained wary. The study also revealed how 65% of those who demurred on ownership chose to do so because it was still too difficult to understand. At least 20% said it was a scam, while the same percentage simply said it was a bubble.

Via: bitcoinist.com

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Imagol is a blockchain-based decentralized P2P image marketplace which will enable photographers to get rid of photo piracy, copyright violation and most importantly enable them to enjoy a larger share of profits on the sale of their creations. The platform will facilitate easy monetization of photos and make the most of everyone’s creation by featuring them as micro-stock collection
XAYA, the ultimate blockchain gaming platform, has begun its long-awaited main sale. The sale is orchestrated through Liquid’s Market and will run for a maximum of five weeks.
CPChain (Cyber Physical Chain) announces the RNode Ecosystem structure to allow more effective and secure cross-chain transactions every day.

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