The Return of Merged Mining for Monero and DigitalNote

The Return of Merged Mining for Monero and DigitalNote

Exciting news for Monero and DigitalNote fans with the return of merged mining. Minercountry announced on twitter this week they have released their Monero / DigitalNote mining pool which allows users to mine both currencies at the same time.

This means that for the same hashing power you’d normally spend on mining DigitalNote, you’ll also get Monero as a reward as well.

Merged mining is possible between Monero and DigitalNote as both coins use the same CryptoNight proof-of-work hash algorithm (commonly known as Monero 7) and because the ability to merge mine was built into the soul of DigitalNote long ago.

When Monero forked to Monero 7 to shake off ASIC miners earlier this year the two coins became incompatible. Merge mining continued to be available at Minergate between the unpopular Monero Original (XMO) and DigitalNote until the DigitalNote development team forked the coin to the same ASIC resistant algorithm.

Minercountry took the initiative as Minergate has shown no interest in updating their codebase and continue to run an outdated fork, leaving a potential tsunami of disgruntled miners in their wake once they realise their mined coins are incompatible with the current DigitalNote network. congratulate Minercountry for their efforts and encourage DigitalNote miners to try out their mining pool. You get all the benefits of mining two coins with the same outlay of hashing power. The combined hashing power strengthens both networks making them harder to attack.

Check out Minercountry’s merged pool here:

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